Etihad Shipping Germany GmbH

Leading Company Specialized in Worldwide Shipping of Vehicles

We provide professional shipping services for our clients by offering them the fastest possible loading of different vehicles.

Professional Shipping Company

Independent and Reliable Shipping.

Etihad Shipping Germany GmbH is your partner for shipping all different types of vehicles from Europe to your desired destination. We are an independent company and offer our clients all sea freight related services since more than 10 years through our experienced team.


Your partner for shipping vehicles to all over the world.

We ship your vehicle to your desired destination

Etihad Shipping Germany Gmbh operates on a wide scale and therefore shipping is not limited to any region. Our mission is to keep expanding the scope of our business and provided services by working with more clients from new regions.

We provide high quality shipping

Our goal at Etihad Shipping Germany GmbH is to provide high quality shipping through our comprehensive package of shipping and the accompanying services, all the way from picking up and loading your vehicle to having it safely shipped to your destination.

Comprehensive Coverage


Along with the shipping process, as a reliable moderator we also help you with the required purchases of your vehicle in Germany and Europe by providing the best services that guarantee a smooth shipment.

Handling customs and needed documents.

Inland transportation and organizing pre-carriage.

Loading from various European ports.


Why Us?

Over 50 Destinations

We ship your goods from the busy ports of Europe to over 50 destinations.

Safety and Satisfaction

We make sure that your goods stay safe upon shipping to keep you satisfied and happy.

Fast Support and Service

We update our clients with the status of the shipping and answer their requests all the time.

Great Value of Money

We guarantee our clients the best possible quality of shipping that meets their requirements.